Golf is a game which teaches integrity, honesty and sportsmanship. As such, cheating on scores, use of inappropriate language, throwing clubs and other conduct unbecoming a golfer will result in the player being removed from the event.

The MYFutures Junior Tour gives players an opportunity to learn how to become an accomplished tournament player in a relaxed atmosphere. It is important to take advantage of this opportunity by learning the Rules of Golf and how to conduct yourself while on the golf course.

All competitors should practice good etiquette as detailed out in Section 1 of the Rules of Golf. The overriding principle is that consideration should be shown to others on the course at all times.

Serious Breach of Etiquette:
The following may be considered “serious breaches of etiquette” for this competition and carries with a penalty of DISQUALIFICATION:-

  • Cheating
  • Usage of smartphones / mobile devices during a round to the annoyance and distractions of other competitors
  • Verbal abuse of fellow competitor / official / staff
  • Intentionally distracting or offending fellow competitor
  • Smoking or consuming any form of intoxicating substance/beverage
  • Venting anger verbally, throwing of clubs in frustration or any misbehaviour or conduct unbecoming of a golfer
  • Questionable withdrawals/no cards/no shows

Note: Any other ‘breaches of etiquette’ not listed above will be dealt with by the Committee on an individual basis.

All serious breaches of etiquette will be reported by the Tournament Director to the Tour Board for further action.


The MYFJT dress code is to ensure reasonable and appropriate standards are maintained throughout all Tour events and apply in conjunction with any additional dress code restrictions set by the host clubs.

The Committee will review questionable attire. Competitors in violation of the dress code will not be allowed to tee off; or, if the violation is discovered once play has begun, the competitor must rectify immediately without undue delay.

Permitted Attire:

  • Boys are required to wear golf shirts with collars (mock necks and turtle necks are permitted). Shorts may be worn, but they cannot be rugger or cargo shorts.
  • Girls are permitted to wear pants, slacks, shorts, skorts, capris and dresses. Mock style, v-neck and sleeveless shirts are permitted. Tops may be worn untucked. Bare midriff or cleavage is not acceptable.
  • Hats or visors must be worn in a forward position.

The MYFJT policy of NO METAL SPIKES, is in effect for all courses. Golf shoes having soft spikes or tennis shoes are examples of appropriate footwear.


The MYFJT would not be possible without the commitment from the host clubs. At every golf course at which a tournament is held, we are guests and we must treat the staff, members and the golf facility with respect.

When you are at these clubs, please have your juniors thank these individuals for the use of their facility.

It is a privilege, not a right, to play golf at these clubs and we must act accordingly.


All competitors are subject to the provisions of the International Golf Federation’s Anti-Doping Policy; details of the policy and the current Prohibited Substances and Methods are available from the International Golf Federation’s website (


It is very important for parents to remember that all the juniors need plenty of space to play and be themselves without interference from spectators.

Parents put pressure on their junior golfer without realising it. When it comes to golf, step back, relax, and don’t live and die on every shot – It’s a game.

Just as you would stay on the sidelines when they play other sports, it is vitally important that you must not get involved with your junior golfer while they are playing.

Cheer for them in an appropriate manner, but you MUST let them play on their own. They will learn many responsibilities in their journey, but they need to be able to fail or succeed on their own.

Stay on the buggy track or in the rough. Your junior golfer may want you there watching, but they don’t want you to make them feel like you don’t trust their ability to compete – How does a child learn to be trustworthy without an investment of trust? Let them show you what they are capable of doing.

Advice [Rule 8] is any counsel or suggestion which could influence a player in determining his play, the choice of a club or the method of making a stroke.

In addition, any conversation between player/spectator may be construed as advice. This includes any conversation between player/spectator in their native language.

In either instance, penalty for breach of this rule is TWO STROKES. Players are responsible for the actions of their parents and spectators in regards to this rule.

Important reminder, if you are spectating or volunteering to help the tournament, DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN RULINGS. Call for Rules officials on-site and let them handle the situation.

Because the attitudes and actions of parents/spectators have such a huge influence on all the junior competitors, volunteers and staff, their actions will be closely scrutinised.

Any violation of the above may result in a penalty on the junior golfer involved, including suspension. Serious or continuous breach of any of the above may also result in the removal of the parent from the golf course.


MYFJT aspires to achieve the highest standards of integrity and honesty in the conduct of its tournament operations.

MYFJT directors and staff are required to act in the best interests of MYFJT and to refrain from engaging in the conduct which may affect the best interests of MYFJT.

Therefore, MYFJT directors and staff will NOT accept personal gifts, entertainment and the provision of food and beverages as well as hospitality from external parties (including parents).

The policy is meant to avoid conflicts of interest, undue influence or the appearance of bias or favouritism with regards to events promoted by the MYFJT.


Competitors must understand that the MYFJT guarantees its numbers to the golf courses up to 7 days prior to the event. Once the guarantee is submitted, MYFJT is required to uphold its commitment. In other words, we must pay for that competitor – whether they show up or not.

However, the MYFJT recognises that withdrawals can occur over the course of the golfing season for a number of reasons, such as illness, injury, school-related activity or family tragedy.

Yet, competitors must understand that golf courses give their time and income to host our tournaments and as such the MYFJT has implemented a limited 72-hour withdrawal procedure.

The Tour Board will review each withdrawal application carefully and may issue a credit on the player’s account provided the withdrawal meets the requirements as set forth by the MYFJT. Credits, if approved, may only be applied to further Tour events.

A full refund is only applicable for withdrawals received BEFORE the Entry/Withdrawal Deadline.

The Official Withdrawal Form will be available for download here.


MYFJT arranges publicity before, during and after the tournament. It is a condition of entry that all players assent to references to them and pictures of them in practice and play being published via any medium (including the internet).


MYFJT shall keep and process your data in a secure manner. We endeavour, where practicable, to implement the appropriate administrative and security safeguards and procedures in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 to prevent the unauthorised or unlawful processing of your Personal Data and the accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your Personal Data.