Please take some time to read up on the important changes being introduced on the MYFutures Junior Tour in 2018


All exisiting MYFutures Junior Tour members from 2016 & 2017 will not be required to renew their membership going forward. New members will be required to pay a one-time Tour membership fee of RM20 upon registering for the first tournament.

Like any other sports organisation, we are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting increasing costs without decreasing the value of our offering to our tour members. In 2017, we put in place a number of cost-cutting measures that allowed us to break even for the year.

Nonetheless, in lieu of declining sponsorship going forward, we are faced with hard choice of increasing the entry fee for all events this year from RM150 to RM200 in a bid to maintain the quality of our tournaments.

In return, we will waive the entry fees for players qualifying to play in our special invitational events and the season-ending Tournament of Champions.

Five years after our founding partners came together to initiate the Tournament of Champions, we are excited to announce a major revamp in the format beginning in 2018.

Our season-ending Tour Championship will convert to a matchplay tournament, with a 27-hole pool play on the first day followed by three 18-hole elimination rounds over the final two days. The Tournament of Champions will continue to feature as a World Amateur Golf Ranking (WAGR) event.

As such, the qualification criteria for the Tournament of Champions will change as follows:

  • A competitor MUST play a minimum of three (3) regular Tour events to be eligible to participate in the Tournament of Champions.
  • In case he/she has played more than the required number, his/her three best point finishes of the season will count towards the TITLEIST RANKINGS.

Invites to the Tournament of Champions are as follows:

  • Best 12 available members from the Boys’ Blue Rankings
  • Best 12 available members from Girls’ White Rankings
  • Best 12 available members from Boys’ White Rankings
  • Best 8 available members from Girls’ Red Rankings

Since 2016, we have only allowed caddies during our season-ending Tournament of Champions. However, we continue to receive feedback from our Tour membership on the merits of extending this policy to regular Tour events.

Beginning in 2018, we will introduce a more flexible caddy policy, which will be determined on a venue-to-venue basis.

At the moment, we are able to confirm that the Danau Junior and Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia Junior Championships will allow personal caddies (guardians or non-guardians). Tour members can still choose to push their own trolleys or carry their bags.

Invitations for special events are at the SOLE DISCRETION of the MYFUTURES JUNIOR TOUR board.

In all circumstances, our PRIMARY CONSIDERATIONS of selection will be the TITLEIST RANKINGS as well as the member’s conduct, discipline and performance on Tour, in addition to any age-restrictions applicable.